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Have acne and oily skin? CBD might be the solution!


Acne. If you or anybody you know has acne, you can understand how it can potentially instil fear. It can be both frustrating and embarrassing to see yourself in the mirror when you have pesky marks on your face. This prevalent skin condition is distinguished by blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Although there are numerous conventional treatments available, some individuals are adopting natural alternatives, such as CBD oil. However, is it possible for CBD oil to effectively combat acne? Let’s understand this in the following article and understand the scientific basis for CBD’s potential to regulate sebaceous production and combat acne.

Understanding Sebum and Its Role in Acne

Sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands, is essential for the maintenance of healthy and hydrated skin. Nevertheless, when sebaceous production is excessive, it can obstruct pores, thereby fostering an ideal environment for the bacteria to enter your skin. Ultimately, this leads to acne breakouts which in turn break the skin barrier and induce inflammation.

How does CBD can help with acne skin?

Now that you have understood how acne marks actually happen, let’s get down to understanding how does CBD can help.

One has to understand that the relationship between CBD and sebum secretion is a promising area of research. In the 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation investigated the impact of CBD on human sebocytes, which are responsible for the production of sebum as stated before. According to the study, CBD can inhibit the activity of these cells, resulting in a reduction in sebum secretion. Furthermore, the research also highlighted the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, which have the potential to reduce the inflammation associated with acne.

In 2016, an additional study examined the cannabis plant’s antibacterial properties and its diverse therapeutic effects. Although this investigation did not specifically address CBD oil, it implies that CBD oil may provide additional advantages by inhibiting the bacteria that induce acne blemishes.

It is crucial to acknowledge that these studies indeed yield encouraging results; however, additional research that is specifically focused on humans with acne is required to substantiate these discoveries.

But, how does CBD actually work to work on acne?

We have so far established that with the help of the right dosage CBD can help people get clear skin. But how does it actually work?

Sebum Production Reduction: As previously mentioned, if one buy cbd oil products, they can experience that it may assist in the regulation of sebum production by affecting the activity of sebocytes. This may result in reducing the likelihood of acne and fewer clogged pores.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: CBD has been extensively studied for its anti-inflammatory properties. This can be advantageous for acne and inflamed skin as inflammation is the reason behind blemishes. CBD oil has the potential to heal irritated skin and reduce the appearance of existing acne by reducing inflammation.

Have Anti-bacterial Properties: Although additional research is required, preliminary evidence indicates that CBD has antibacterial properties. Fighting the microorganisms that cause breakouts, could further aid in the reduction of acne.

Methods for Using CBD Oil for Acne

Here are a few tips to consider if you are interested in experimenting with CBD oil for acne:

First of all, it is imperative to consult with a dermatologist prior to adding any new product to your hygiene regimen. You can also get a consultation from the Hempstrol team, the brand that sells premium CBD-based products in India and provides online medical consultations to their customers. When you take an online medical consultation, your individual requirements can be evaluated, and they can provide guidance on whether cannabidiol oil India is an appropriate treatment for your particular acne variety.

Select Reputable Brands: Opt for a CBD oil brand that is recognized for its transparency and quality like Hempstrol.

Begin with a Low Concentration: Gradually increase the concentration of cannabidiol oil India as required and tolerated. Before using the product, conduct a patch test on a small area of your skin to detect any allergic reactions. Topical application is the preferable approach to acne treatment.

Be patient and consistent: Consistency is crucial in the treatment of acne, as is the case with the majority of acne treatments. It may require several weeks to observe tangible outcomes when employing CBD oil.

The studies to understand the relationship between CBD oil and acne are still in progress; however, the preliminary results are encouraging. CBD oil is a natural alternative that is worth considering for those who are seeking clearer skin as it has the potential to regulate sebum production, reduce inflammation, and potentially combat microorganisms. Nevertheless, it is imperative to consult a dermatologist prior to adding any new treatment. It is important to be mindful that a healthy, acne-free complexion is achieved through a holistic approach to hygiene and consistency.

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